We Choose Love.


We also have puppies in-training for their future Newtown Strong therapy dog certification.  We will be posting photos over the next couple of weeks, as I get them.  
Tiamo is the granddaughter of Newtown-Strong Therapy Dog, Libby, both owned and loved by Ann Marie Cioffi.  Tiamo comes from a litter of nine pups and along with her local sister, Brandi (see Brandi below), will become a member of our group when she is fully trained.  Our litter theme was the word LOVE (for We Choose Love), and Tiamo's name means I Love You in Italian; her AKC registered name is: Cayberry I Choose Love.  Here she is on the left with her grandma, Libby, and our close friend, Maribeth Hemingway, as they strolled through Sandy Hook, passing out flyers announcing our annual Passport to Sandy Hook event, and one of her baby photos on the right.
Brandi is Tiamo's sister .... they are very similar in nature, sweet and caring puppies.  Both are in-training right now, to shape and teach them their good-dog manners.  Active, with lots of attitude ... we have a ways to go, LOL. Brandi is cherished, trained and spoiled by her wonderful owners, Patty, a local school teacher, and Jack, an accomplished piano teacher.


Sprout is a Jack Russell with a little something else in there ... he is a rescue, adored and loved and being trained by his Newtown Mom, Dee Davis.  Sprout is about the cutest little thing going .... friendly and adaptable, he is going to be an awesome therapy dog.
Zoe is a few weeks younger than Tiamo and Brandi, and in class with them, and Sprout as well.  Zoe has a great deal of confidence, is smart as a whip and outgoing and friendly. She will make a great therapy dog along with her classmates!

Annie is "brand new" and has not yet entered her therapy puppy training class here, with us.  We are expecting her this summer when her owner, a Cornell Veterinary student, comes home for summer vacation.  She is adorable though, isn't she?


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