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Our Photos
This page will soon be loaded with our therapy dog photos, so come back often to visit us as we build our website!!
 Emma and Family Therapy
 Dog,  Jedi          
     Holly and Family Therapy Dog, Libby
Marykay and her therapy dog, Jedi, posing with Ann Marie's
therapy dog, Libby.  On a visit to our heroes, the
Newtown Emergency Dispatchers
NSTD Shelby and our good friend Bocker Labradoodle,
spreading their good cheer and love on a day honoring
all the therapy dogs who were so present in Newtown
during 2013.
At the Leukemia Walk at Fairfield Hills, Newtown
Therapy Dogs L-R:
Big Boy Roy, Libby, Charlie, Lily, Finn, Shelby, & Yoda
Good Boy Koda!!  Now you
can eat it!
Sandy Hook Concert Series, Summer 2014

                                       Newtown Pumpkin Race, Fall 2014                              


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