We Choose Love.


We have so many memories from our first year ...
This was taken at the end of our day, a few days after 12/14, at the Sandy Hook primary memorial site .. a rainy, cold, dreary day.  This is Shelby, Libby and Cali (L-R).  They had been there for four hours ... you can see the weariness and sadness in their faces. 
Therapy dogs are brave and giving souls.
Eight months later ... now a boatload of smiling and happy therapy dogs!  We trained, tested and certified eight new dogs and ten handlers in 2013, and were so proud to add them to our fledgling group.  Here are many of them at the Newtown Labor Day Parade ... a bittersweet day, remembering what we lost, but looking with hope toward the future.  While waiting for the parade to begin, we posed for a group photo, but all these dogs and their handlers marched the full parade ... we could barely march twenty feet at a time, with all the children and parents and other spectators running out into the street to greet and hug the dogs as we passed by. 
It was a wondrous day for all of us.


Labor Day was a hot and humid day for dogs (and people too), and drizzly as well.  In the left photo, nine-year-old Shelby took a little break by hitching a ride on our float.  But Shelby was a trooper.  She wasn't tired!   This was her owner Marianne's idea.   On the right, Frank and Honcho stop for one of dozens of requests along the way for pets and hugs with the dogs. 
This is Finn, showing off his new hat as he hangs
out at the Sandy Hook Fire House booth at our annual
2013 Passport To Sandy Hook event.


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