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LIBBY was born on July 23rd, 2007.  Because of her independent nature as a puppy, and because she was born in July, we gave her the call name of Liberty (Libby).  Libby lives in Sandy Hook and her greatest love is therapy dog work, but she also currently trains and competes in AKC obedience, rally, and tracking with her human Mom, Ann Marie Cioffi.  Libby, who was the inspiration dog for our group, has since given us and our community a great gift ... she is mother to current therapy dogs, Charlie and Moxie, grandmother to current therapy dogs Tiamo and Brandi, and great grandmother to puppy-in-training, Bree.  She is a Golden Retriever and her AKC registered name, followed by the initials of her AKC performance titles, is: 
 Mirasol Cayberry UnScentsored BN, CD, RA, CGC

ABBY, who became registered with Bright & Beautiful on the same day as Libby, has since passed and taken a small piece of all our hearts with her.  Abby's AKC registered name, followed by the initials of her AKC performance titles, was:   
Abalee's Simple Bea N' Me, CD, RA, CGC
CALI loves all aspects of her therapy dog assignments, especially the pets and hugs she gets from those she visits.  Her other hobbies include AKC agility and obedience, in which she is currently training and competing, as well as trail running with her Mom, Mary, and housemate brother, Eli.  Cali is a Golden Retriever, was born 6/20/08 and is trained and loved by Mary Swinson-Brown.  Her AKC registered name, followed by her AKC performance title initials, is
Heritage Souprise Party OA, AXJ, BN, CGC
All American Dog, YODA, born May 5, 2012, was a shelter dog that no one seemed to want, and his future looked pretty dismal.  But as fate would have it, Yoda found his way to his forever home when he was rescued from Georgia by the Newtown Animal Center, and noticed by his loving and committed owner, Terry O'Neil, who lives in Sandy Hook, CT.   Terry, an accomplished horse trainer, recognized something very special in Yoda, and although he was completely untrained and more than a little rambunctious, Terry made a commitment to what she saw as his potential, and he is now an amazing therapy dog and totally adored by all the kids he meets on his many visits in Sandy Hook and Newtown and surrounding towns. 
Marykay and her husband, Paul, rescued JEDI from a shelter in upstate New York in  December of 2011, when he was just about two months old.  He was a Christmas surprise for their children, and they were told he was a Labradoodle, but he never got bigger than 40 pounds.  Marykay thinks he's the perfect size, and lots of people say he looks like a Terrier, so sometimes they call him a Wheaton-doodle or Doodle mix.  After the tragic events of December 14, 2012, Newtown received so much help from therapy dogs, and their daughter, Emma, especially benefited from the therapy dog visits.  Jedi has always been gentle and a good listener, and Marykay felt that Jedi had what it takes to become an awesome therapy dog too.  So they began their journey of getting Jedi trained as a therapy dog, and Emma was very committed to, and very involved in, that mission.   Now fully certified and two years old, Jedi lives with their family in Sandy Hook, loves making visits, and being around people.  And he gets very excited when Marykay tells him it's time  to "go to work."
BIG BOY ROY is a Boxer/Bull Mastiff mix who is silly and playful, always a gentle giant, and guilty only of stealing the hearts of Andrea Brosnan and her family.   He loves people and other animals, being the center of attention, and thinks the best part of his job requires him to be loved and love back, an easy thing to do.  As with many rescued dogs, Roy had quite a journey before finding his forever home on the Brosnan family farm in Newtown, where he lives with horses, dogs, cats and hens.  The Brosnans are so grateful to TLC Sweet Souls Rescue in Georgia, and the Animal Center Rescue in Newtown, CT, who saw how special he was and gave him a second chance for a happy life.




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