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We have ten in-training teams ... five are in our foundation class, and five are entering our formal therapy dog handling class in the Spring 2014.  Keep posted for our team photos, coming soon.
Next Graduating Class
Moxie is therapy dog Libby's daughter, and has been in training for a while, having missed almost all her classes due to maternity leave.  Moxie is an affectionate, active, curious and busy girl ... loves doing therapy work, and will be taking her certification test as soon as her human Mom, Ann Marie Cioffi, can trust her to actually STAY for more than 30 seconds in highly stimulating environments!!  Moxie just turned four years old and is currently training in AKC obedience, rally and tracking.  Having been born into a litter of just girls, her AKC registered name is:
Cayberry's Chick Of The Litter
Kathy & Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae is a 13-month-old Golden Retriever who has been in our Foundation class for several weeks, and she and Mom, Kathy Maguire, are now ready to take the formal therapy dog handling class, for their Newtown-Strong certification.  Maggie Mae was born in Newtown and went home with Kathy on Valentine's Day 2013.  Kathy reports that she is the best Valentine ever!  She is a petite Golden and true to her heritage, she is very sweet and very loving, and has become the star of Kathy's condo complex!!
 Overlook’s Sweet n’ Sexy Sadie Lady lives up to her name in every way.  At just two years old she is actively training in AKC Rally Obedience and Agility, and has also earned her AKC CGC title (Canine Good Citizen). Sadie is now ready to enter her formal therapy dog handling course, and is also preparing to enter her first agility trial. She is a very busy girl!!  Sadie loves to swim and has an especially good time visiting with her local siblings.  Besides Joe and Lorraine, she shares her home with Lacey, her 9-year-old kitty friend. Sadie is a wonderful golden girl who brings joy to all who know and love her.
Loki is a rescued Jack Russell mix and he has just turned a year old. He lives up to his mischievous name, but he is a very sweet, energetic, and  slightly shy pup who is coming out of his shell. He loves being trained by his Monroe mom, Vicki Haslob, and because he is so young, he has a little while to go in Foundation class, but he is doing really well.  He has been a wonderful, loving addition to Vicki and her family.
Esther was especially chosen by her family for her therapy dog potential.  Esther is a Golden Retriever, and turned one year old on February 19, 2014.  Esther lives in Newtown with Jen Ballard and her family, and is an absolute love bug and great companion.  She loves to be with kids and is a sweet little girl!  Her favorite toys are stuffed animals, and her family calls them her "babies"!  Esther and Jen have been in foundation training for the past several weeks and are almost ready for their last training step .. the formal therapy dog handling class, which will lead them to their final certification and membership with Newtown-Strong Therapy Dogs.
 Ollie is a two-and-a-half-year-old sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog/poodle). Ollie is a gentle giant who loves to both receive and give attention.  Carol and Ollie have been in foundation training for several weeks, and are getting ready to soon enter our formal therapy dog handling class.  Ollie is very friendly. and lives with his younger housemate sister, 20-month-old sheepadoodle, Molly. 
Daisy is a five-year-old English Setter. Her AKC registered name is Admiralty's Daisy Dream Come True and she truly is a dream come true!  Daisy was born in the south, lived in the northwest, then was back in the south, all before she found her forever home with Pam Williams and her family in Connecticut, at just seven months old.  She fit right in to the household with a blind and deaf geriatric cocker spaniel, two cats, and three small children. Her favorite activities are going to training classes, going to work with mom at the animal hospital, and snuggling by the fire. She is extremely gentle and sweet and is loved by everyone she meets.
Koda is a one-year-old Golden Retriever born on 12/3/12, and he is 80 pounds of solid gold.  Koda came from Charlotte, North Carolina to make his way to the Luzietti family in Newtown .. and he absolutely loves Newtown and all of its SNOW!!  Koda is still in foundation training, but doing very well, so he will soon be entering 2014’s first therapy dog handling class.  Koda has made some in-training visits and he has done it well … he seems to know who needs him the most and greets them first.  He has a way of making it look like they are comforting him, but we all know what he is up to!!  When Koda is not working he loves to swim, hike, play tug, fetch something or just gaze into your eyes!  When visitors arrive at his family door, he greets them with one of his stuffed toys in his mouth, tail wagging and a joyous rumbly noise.  Mom, Liz, thinks he just wants to make sure that you don’t forget to say hello to him!!  Liz says if you see Koda around town, be sure to say hello and maybe even get a “high five!”


Cooper is a Goldendoodle, born on 12/14/12, and is one of seven puppies donated from a litter of eight to Newtown families. Cooper’s mother is a Golden Retriever and his father a Standard Poodle (and proudly a Registered Therapy dog).  True to his heritage, Cooper is smart, playful and gentle in nature. He is extremely friendly and hasn’t been greeted by a person or dog he didn’t want to meet. He is the star of the Calbo family .... and the first grandpuppy to his four proud grandparents. Says Kim:  Cooper came to our family of five with love, and has brought so much joy into our home. He is by far the best present my kids have ever received and has changed us forever!  My wish is to continue to spread that love and joy and share him with others. 


Lulu is a 2-1/2 year old Red Fox Lab mix who was discovered by Labs for Rescue in a shelter in Louisiana when she was a year old. Sara Tinnesz and her family adopted her shortly after, and she came to Connecticut to stay.  Lulu enthusiastically greets everyone she meets, loves a swim and a run whenever offered and never seems to tire of a good game of fetch.  She'll sit on your lap if you make one, or hop in the backseat if you offer to take her along.  She may not be ready to start her formal therapy training quite yet, but we are sure that Sara's and Lulu's hard work will pay off.


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